What Is The Best Fabric Cutting Machine?

Automatic fabric cutters are vital pieces of equipment for every manufacturing shop that needs to make clothes, sweaters, and other wearables. Fabric cutters increase productivity, save time, and ultimately improve the profits of the business. In recent days, many companies have come out with automatic fabric cutting machines that are available in the market. However, not all these machines are the same and require different kinds of operating procedures to run them.

An automatic fabric cutting machine is easily recognized for its superior quality, strength, and durability. It works by using spinning blades of fabric and metal that is fed into the hopper of the machines through an air duct. The automatic device provides several cutting widths and sizes for added production versatility. Automatic fabric cutters are a good choice for high-quality, versatile high-speed manufacturing in a technologically advanced world of high-volume, flexible garments, stitching, knitwear making, and other industries.

The automatic cutting machine has the ability to quickly and accurately cut the fabric of any size into desired length, diameter, and other specifications. Depending on the machine type, they can handle various materials like plastics, rubber, foam, cotton, silk, synthetic fiber, polyester, and many more. While choosing the type of automatic fabric cutting machine, it is advisable to consider the cost, types of blades, cycles, feed rate, blade life, cutting depth, and the number of fabric cycles. So, what is the best fabric cutting machine? Some important features of the four types of fabric cutting machine are:

Cricut Maker – It has a few drawbacks including minimal flexibility and limited design options. However, it has the most convenient and simple to use controls and it is one of the more popular brands in the market. The drawback is that it doesn,t support the full-sized Cricut pattern. Also, this machine doesn,t look the best with some of the commercial patterns available.

Explore Air – It is considered to be the best Cricut maker on the market today. It is relatively cheaper than the Cricut maker and offers many of the same functions. Explore Air also offers versatility, ease of use, flexibility, and user-friendly controls. Another benefit of this cutting machine is that it is easy to navigate. This is because the control panel is very straightforward and intuitive. It also allows you to cut on different sized fabrics with ease.

Zebra Fabric Cutters – It is another brand name popular choice among fabric cutters. There are only a few pros to this machine. This is mainly due to the fact that it is inexpensive and it comes with an automatic blade feeder. Zebra uses the OO-tec blade which offers high cutting speeds and it is also great for trimming fabric on a consistent basis. This blade only cuts in one direction. While some may say that there are better choices out there, if you plan on doing a lot of Cricut projects, this is one option that you should explore. No matter which machine you choose, remember to pick one that works best for you and your manufacturing needs.